About Anna Cooley

Sitting in her grandad’s workshop, composer Anna Cooley (she/her) excitedly struck all the different keys on an old piano, listening to the reverberations, creating her own personal cacophony. Soon after, her grandparents enrolled her in private piano lessons, propagating her love for music and sound into a more applicable (and likely less irritating) practice.

            Since this humble start in composition, Anna has continued her work at Berklee College of Music studying jazz, musical theater writing, and composition for interactive media and film. As a co-founder of her company, Svidanza Audio, she works with independent video game developers to implement sound and audio into interactive media. Anna Cooley also teaches private studio lessons, aiming on creating a more inclusive, safe, and equitable space for learning children to enter the world of music.

  Always a rule breaker at heart, Anna Cooley seeks to create work which amplify the voices of marginalized communities. This is most important to her as a queer woman. She uses music to identify problems in the world and make change through understanding and acceptance. Her most current projects, “Girl Body” and “The Deal with Debate” focus on diverse storytelling from the queer and female perspectives to normalize and honor both experiences. She plans to continue this work inside her composition studio, lessons studio, and company mission as she perpetually desires to make music a more inclusive space.

Anna’s Mission

Anna Cooley’s mission is to amplify the meaningful messages of virtual productions and the art of mixed media. She achieves this by only telling the stories which she believes in, making sure our messages are meaningful and personal. This means that her work is not only heartfelt, but the production of it is efficient and effective. The passion Anna Cooley applies to each project promises that the outcome will be all the more impactful. This is Anna’s ultimate goal: creating stories with an impact.